What, when, and where is the next market? 

Check the 'Markets' tab of the homepage or check us out on Facebook or Twitter for the latest flea news. 

How much does is cost to get in to shop?

One smile per person.

How do I become a vendor?

Take a look in the "APPLY" Tab at the top of the website. When info on an upcoming event is posted it includes a link to an online form to apply. We collect all the applications and then determine who are the right vendors for the market and how many we can fit into the specific space. Unfortunately not every vendor that applies is accepted.

How much does is cost to be a vendor?

Vendor fees will vary based on the market location, size of vendor space, & sometimes the type of product being sold.  Current rates are $80 -$140 per market.

What kind of vendors fit the bill?

City Flea vendors are vendors who are selling products that are unique, creative, and visually interesting. We are not looking for booths that sell one item only or products that 'sales agents' are selling all over the country. We also are not looking for vendors to only exhibit their services or display information. 

Is it possible to use a photo that I found on your site on my own site or blog? 

Sure, just make sure you are saying great stuff about us under it & let us know what you say so we can spread the good word!

Ive got this idea for collaborating with you, wanna hear about it?

Yup. Email us via the Contact Page! Hurry!

Where should I park?

We'll tell ya all about it <HERE>