Park it Here!

Parking Map-01.jpg

Parking Garages

G1 - Washington Park Garage. Directly underneath all the fun of the flea. Come early before it fills up! Enter on Race or Elm. 

G2 - Mercer Garage. Enter on Vine St between Mercer and 13th St. A good spot if you plan to grab lunch on Vine. Roughly a 3 min walk to the flea.

G3 - Ziegler Park Garage. A bit further away. Use this garage if you plan to saunter through the neighborhood or want to hit up the shops on Main St. 

G4 - Town Center Garage. An insider's tip. Lots of spots and a quick 3-4 min walk to the flea. Great option for folks coming from the west. 

Parking Lots

P1 - Music Hall Lot. You can hit it with a rock from the flea. Enter on Central Parkway or Elm St between Memorial Hall and Music Hall. 

P2 - YMCA Lot. Enter on Elm between the YMCA and the new Shakespeare theatre. 

P3 - 12th and Vine Lot. Fills up quickly but a great lot if you know you'll be walking up and down Vine St before and after the flea. 

P4 - Liberty and Race Lot. Brand new public lot with easy access to Liberty St and a quick 4 min walk to the flea. Feel free to stop in Tafts Ale House on the walk

P5 - Findlay Market Lots. There are a handful of lots around Findlay Market which is an awesome destination to work into a flea day. Street car access too!

P6 - Salvation Army Lot. A good option for those looking to hang out on Main St or bounce around on the streetcar.


Of course there are other lots around- these are just some tips.

Street parking is always available but just fills up fast. 

We also strongly encourage the use of the Metro bus system, the Red Bike program, or a good old fashioned walkabout!