We are so excited to launch our new mentorship program for KIDS interested in entrepreneurship! The goal of the program is to get kids, ages 4-14, excited about their idea's by giving them the tools and confidence they need to not only develop their idea's and support their creativity, but to pair them with a real small business owner or maker in their 'field' of interest over the course of three months where they will learn or tune skills such as:

  • Setting goals
  • Creating an age appropriate business plan
  • Making product and learning about inventory (can be very basic and even learn a brand new skill! How to throw pottery on a wheel, how to knit, etc.)
  • How transactions work
  • Customer service - how to speak to customers and how to problem solve 


The program application opens on xxxx. You or your child will fill it out answering a variety of questions to help us get a feel for where your child's interests lie. We will then reach out to a City Flea verified, background checked vendor that fits the bill as a good match to mentor your child. Once we have confirmed a match, we will contact you both and facilitate an introduction meeting where we will go over the basics, answer any questions you or your child may have and give your child and mentor some fun worksheets they will be able to work through together over the course of the mentorship. We'll show you how to access your joint google calendar where you will be able to set up your meet-ups, set goals, mark important dates, etc. and we'll go over all the boring grown up stuff and necessary paperwork.  Meet-ups must be held outside of personal homes. Appropriate places can include the mentor's work studio, shop or related place of business OR a public space such as a park or library. Ideally, each child and mentor will get together twice monthly totaling about 6 meetings, plus the option to vend at a real market together! The program may look a little different for each individual child and mentor as it will be completely tailored to your child's age, goals and abilities.

We want this to be an extremely positive and fun experience for your child! The main goals are to instill confidence, support their creative idea's and encourage them to follow their dreams! We believe deeply in the power of a confident child and are excited to be able to help shape the next generation of entrepreneurs! 

"If you can dream it, you can do it!" - Walt Disney