Reinventing the....nightstand

As someone who can't go to bed without a glass of water next to me, this is a dream.  Never again will I have to get out of bed because I've forgotten my water! 
This design comes to us from Leo Ransmeier from a design competition destined to "reinvent the nightstand" Check out all the designs HERE

"Made in the U.S.A."

Interesting article on Cool Hunting about the "Portland Garment Factory"

"Just because a designer is local—whether in Austin, TX or Florence, Italy—doesn't necessarily mean the garments were made there—or even in the same country. Thanks to fast fashion, there's now a better-than-likely chance that even such smaller-batch production was outsourced to Asia. "Of course it's deceptive, to say that clothes were made in the United States when they were really made in China," said Britt Howard, founder and co-owner of the Portland Garment Factory. "Like clothes that say they're made in Italy, when they're only hand-finished there. Or they'll sew the buttons on."

Check out the rest of the article at Cool Hunting..