Flea the City II: Asheville, North Carolina

For the second "Flea the City" post, we visited lovely Asheville, NC. Seems like a really fantastic place with a lot going on. It is surrounded by amazing terrain and filled with colorful small businesses. We highly recommend it for a weekend road trip...

Blue Ridge Parkway
Lots of galleries, theaters, and street music all over town.
There seems to be a really strong appreciation for small local businesses in Asheville. LOTS of signs like these all over town, bumper stickers, and thriving small businesses.  

So much good food. And a ton of variety. Lot of waiting around though because apparently its not a secret. 
Super good lunch at a little place in the middle of nowhere called Trust. Every single thing on the menu is either grown on site or from within a couple miles. And the staff could not have been nicer. 
Although we didnt get a chance to fully experience it, there is apparently a big beer scene.