Just thought we would spill the beans about a few vendors that will be at Saturday's Flea either for the first time in 2012 or the first time EVER! The City Flea is NOT a place that you can only go once... something new every time! 

Check out these hot new peddlers: 

Powerhouse Factories: They been Fleasters before but this is their first appearance this year. Just plain GOOD.

Taco Azul: If you dont know them already, shame on you. Saturday is your first chance to taste their deliciousness at the flea. 

Urban Orchard: Handsome Midcentury Modern.

Bottle Crafters: Glass products with meticulously sanded edges... but still sharp. 

XYZ Art: The art of the young & talented Xavier Yuriah Zwolinksi.. Prepare to be surprised how legit this will be. 

If technology hadnt lowered the human attention span down to 31 seconds we would tell you about ALL the new vendors you'll see, but you'll have to just come find them all on your own on Saturday!