We're so happy to announce that the Fall/Winter vendor application is now available! The October 20th market is back at the American Can Factory in Northside and the December 8th Holiday Market will be held in the evening at Washington Park. If you'd like to apply to be a City Flea vendor, HERE YA GO.

In conjunction with the Factory Flea, the awesome folks from CODE will be hosting a freelancers market. Need some graphic design or photography work done? The CODE market will for sure be able to hook you up. "Freelance Market mirrors the Flea’s intentions, providing freelance designers with a platform to showcase their talents in graphic, digital and fashion design. We noticed that in the digital age, its challenging for freelancers to establish new business through networking because most of their time is spent working. Through this event, we are empowering freelance designers to not only showcase their talent but, generate new clients face-to-face." 

Applications will be available for the freelancer's market via CODE very soon. 

Also, we're super excited to let you all in on something new we've been cooking up! PARK[ED] is a new mobile food event we're stoked about.   Here's what it's about:

Washington Park has an incredible lineup of events that will continue to draw many hungry people to OTR and because the restaurants in the area are so good, sometimes it is hard to find a bite quick. A regularly occurring "hitchin post" for the city's mobile food vendors, PARK[ED] will utilize one of the only parking lots around Washington Park at the Emanuel Community Center at 13th and Race during evenings and weekends and provide OTR visitors and residents with fast and affordable food options. The location will make 'dinner in the park' a readily available option and will be held during many of Washington Park's weekly events. The ultimate goal is for people to have a place where they can depend on finding unique fast dining options in OTR and allow people to walk over without any doubt that someone is waiting there to serve them something delicious. PARK[ED] will offer a unique atmosphere but it's primary goal is to keep people in the park longer. 


Look for the first PARK[ED] event on August 17th during the Friday Night Flow concert at Washington Park!