Brooklyn is always a treat for us. There's constantly something new going and it's cool to see our favorite neighborhoods continuously evolving. Our first stop was the Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg. So much goodness, it just blows our minds.  After that we strolled the streets of BK, ate some street food, popped in a couple shops, gawked at the gorgeous brownstones in Ft. Greene and did some china town exploring.  The energy in New York is just insane.  You really can't compare cities to New York because it's truly in a league of its own.

We also had the pleasure of spending a couple days in Beacon, NY in the Hudson Valley. There is a great mix of interesting shops and restaurants as well as possible the greatest museum on planet earth- Dia: Beacon.

Special thanks to Roadtrippers.com for leading the way for us!

We did come home however, the day before the grand opening of Washington Park, so being able to see how much our own city is buzzing, full of people and always something new opening up we kind of feel like we are in our own mini New York. It's a cool feeling.  Hey, see ya at Washington Park this weekend!