Worth Riding Two Elevators

If you have never been to the top of the Carew Tower you should make plans to do it as soon as possible. Don't expect much showmanship. The ascent is a lonley one that will make you feel like you went the wrong way more than once. Get off at the 45th Floor and find a second smaller elevator that was no doubt spatially modelled after a phone booth. Exhaust fans must have gotten omitted on account of the Depression. It smells like a sweaty person must have just gotten off seconds earlier but odds are good you are the first visitor in hours.

Although the souvenirs are trash, the paint is a forgetable beige, and the attendent usually appears drowsy and retired, it is one of the greatest spots in town. Its quiet, breezy, and offers a point of view that makes you see the city in a totally different light.

Questions that only come to mind on the 49th Floor:

1. Why don't we use the river more?

2. Why aren't people angrier that the West End got bulldozed?

3. Why does anyone within 3 miles of the Carew Tower drive downtown?

4. Why did we build a football stadium that only gets used 2% of the year.

5. Why are things any different north of Liberty?

6. Why are there so many parking spaces downtown?

7. Why didnt so much of what's going on start earlier?

A visit to the majestic Carew Tower Observation Deck is highly recommended. If you work downtown you should go once every few months. The ability to see all of the city at the same time is well worth 2 bucks and 15 minutes.