Everyone already knows that biking more often will definitely lead to better health, spending less money on gas, less traffic, less pollution, and increased energy levels. What many people dont know unless they actually try biking more is that there are some very serious side effects that everyone should be aware of before making any crazy decisions about leaving their car at home every once in a while.

Please be aware that biking more often may result in:

Desserts having little to no effect on your hips.

Scowls from people waiting idly at drive thru windows.

Light to moderate sweating which may lead to an increased risk of thinner legs.

Lack of interest in "traffic cams."

A sudden increases in self respect.

Moderate to severe weight loss. 

Decreased exposure to horrific morning radio shows.

Pressure to return smiles and/or waves to pedestrians. 

Sudden urges to pick flowers, stop in parks, and take shortcuts and/or scenic routes. 


If you experience a bike ride lasting more than 4 hours you deserve a milkshake. 


Check out QUEEN CITY BIKE's calendar of Bike Month events or find a trail via The Bike & get out there...