We have to admit, our inagural flea season last year was pretty bad ass thanks to all of you- somehow, we packed a parking lot with the cities most creative people, played music, ate food and had an awesome time.  THIS year, we've got all that plus a few fresh faces that we're super excited about showing the city. From clothing designers, to home decor, to vintage clothes, we're packing this season with even more goodness than last year. We are, to be frank, so freaking excited. Here's just a few fresh faces you can expect to see this season:

 Tribe- clothing for the serious cool. Pretty rad vision video you should peek at too.

Wire and Twine- T-shirts, witty comments, and bear hugs (upon request i'm sure)

bmethe- perfect artwork for your loft, apartment or house. This dude has some serious skill.

BRUSH FACTORY- clothing designer and woodworking duo producing some seriously top knotch products.

vintmo- vintage modern home products and other goodness.

dwellbeing - home decor / furniture pieces good for classic and modern tastes.