OVER THE RHINE- WHERE IT'S AT (especially tomorrow)


photo via over the rhine blog circa 1973 otr youngsters. 

We can hardly believe the OTR summer celebration is already here. We could not be more excited about participating this year and are way ready to kick the 2012 off by celebrating the neighborhood we love best.  Here are some things you might see tomorrow:

- runners sweatin' it out for the go OTR 5k run

- street food from A Tavola, Senate, Abigal Street, Bakersfield, Lavomatic, 1215

- flea refreshments from Coffee Emporium, Streetpops, and Dojo Gelato

-a large number of folks milling around listening to live music, shopping at the Flea and the other awesome Vine Street business, admiring OTR's beauty or more than likely, all of the above.

What we don't want you to forget:

The Over The Rhine summer celebration is a celebration of the ENTIRE neighborhood so please, stroll through jackson or 12th (or any thoroughfares) to Main st, to Findlay etc....Over on Main you'll find Atomic number 10, Park and Vine, Mayberry, Smartfish art supply, Iris book cafe, Original Thought Required among others. The entire neighborhood will be alive (as it is everyday these days) so check EVERYTHING out!  

See ya tomorrow!