"11 Things That Just DO NOT Work in Ohio"

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We recently came across the lovely looking website of a Cincinnati import who has taken the time to document some of his initial experiences with our city. We are stoked to see another clearly talented designer taking up residence here in the Midwest & enjoyed reading what weaknesses he sees in the current state of the city. It is always interesting to hear from someone who has a different perspective from which to view things. We thought we would go line by line and comment on each item of his list of "11 Things That Just DO NOT Work in Ohio" and hopefully change that to "11 Things That are Getting Better in Ohio". Check out Giacomo's post and see what ya think about each idea.. 

11. Public Transit: No one will argue this but there is currently a lot of action: a) Obvious answer: The Cincinnati Streetcar is under construction & will hopefully pave the way for future expansion as Mayor Mallory recently has described. b) METRO is currently studying its entire system and planning multiple transit hubs in several first ring suburbs. c) On a grassroots level, Nathan Wessel created the Cincinnati Transit Map to make the system more user friendly via a Kickstarter campaign. He has distributed thousands of these maps across the city. 

10. It does seem like a lot of places started as BYOB but they eventually change over. There is definitely a market for the option and you feel like you are saving money in the process. Last time we checked these spots still offer it: Dusmesh Indian, Eli's BBQ, Pera Mediterranean, Istanbul Cafe. There are a good handful of others but these are some of our favs.

9. Late Night Bites: Also true, there could be more options. BUT Here are some that stay open nice and late these days: BakersfieldOTR, Lucy Blues Pizza, Gilpins Deli, Joes Diner, Cafe De Wheels, MOTR Pub, The Don's Pizza Lounge, Nada, Papa Dinos, Camp Washington Chili, Marko's Gyros, Mt Adams Pizza, and if all else fails.. White Castles.. (they did start here) 

8. Casual Biking: Bicycle culture seems to be growing rapidly in recent years in Cincinnati. Groups like the recently started Urban Basin Bicycle Club and the firmly established Queen City Bike have recently been organizing "Slow and Steady" rides for the less than hardcore cyclists. If you stay within the central basin, along the riverfront, or within the Mill Creek Valley you are pretty free of killer hills. Try a Thursday evening ride, or sign up for a Bike + Dine ride.. There is a lot of activism to push developments like the Mill Creek Greenway Trail and connecting downtown to a system of trails that goes all the way to Cleveland. Its happening too. 

7. League Nights: Try Madison Bowl or Stumps Lanes in Norwood. Find out which night the DAAP bowling league is and join in the haphazard debauchery of the evening. Also check out Western Bowl and while you're there grab a meal at Cancun Mexican restaurant that shares a roof with the alley. 

6. Egos: This seems like a good thing. You can find those types of characters but it seems like they usually are all found in the same line outside of a bar that has bottle service. 

5. Accents: That could potentially be a "west side" accent you are hearing.. but dont worry, westsiders are pretty much all nice deep down...

4. Subarus: Head out to one of the overwhelming "car cities" around I-275 like Kings Auto Mall and some dealers will wave ya down no problem. 

3. Vegetarian Selections: Walk down to Park + Vine and Dan Korman will hug you and without hesitation list you upwards of 50 places to find vegan dishes. The success of his green general store has led every new restaurant in OTR to make sure they had a few options for veggie lovers. A couple of our favorite vegetarian heavy places are Melt in Northside, Myras in Clifton, and of course the lunch menu at Park + Vine! You can even get vegan pizza at Tusculum Pizza.

2. Pork & Pizza: Pork is potentially similar to beer in Cincinnati in that our current offerings dont equal out to our amazing history. Both are coming back strong lately though. Find some good pork options at Eli's BBQ, BBQ Revue, Ollie's Trolley, and there is a sweet BBQ truck at the corner of Gilbert and Rogers St in Walnut Hills. Also Mayberry will surely provide you with some delicious pork options. 

Pizza-wise, be sure you've tried the Fireside Pizza when you are at The City Flea, Adriaticos, Pomodori's, and this little place called A Tavola

1. Online Dating: Despite the fact that we know a handful of people who have scored big via the web dating scene locally, we cannot deny the very very common practice of high school sweethearting in Cincinnati. It seems the urban core is home to more and more 30 something singles though lately. 

We will look forward to the "11 Things That DO Work in Ohio" post and perhaps we will provide a list of our own then too. 

Welcome to Cincinnati Giacomo! Way to keep this place on their toes!