Flea the City V: Austin

If you happen to love the City Flea, than you also inevitably love Austin, Texas. It is bursting at the seams with flavor and downright good vibes. With little effort or time you will find yourself surrounded by food trucks, live music, art, and vintage everything. This is a glimpse of what was easily found in a short weekend in Austin. Can't wait to visit again and really sink our teeth in.. 

A couple of highlights: 

Stag: Provisions for Men : Hands down the best mens shop to ever sell a loafer in the history of the world. An amazingly curated collection of clothing, shoes, accessories, books, and other swell products. This is a must visit if you have ever or will ever know a man or a friend of a man. 

South Austin Trailer Park & Eatery: Home to supposedly one of the best taco trucks in town, Torchy's, this "trailer park" is one of the many lots in Austin that are permanent food truck "depots". I probably randomly walked past up to ten different lots full of food trucks. This one was extra awesome since it had a permanent structure for indoor dining complete with restrooms, a stage, tables, and fooseball. 

Uncommon Objects: Bursting with some of the most unique and wondeful found objects money can buy. Individual vendors fill their alotted space as they see fit and every single one is top notch. This place makes you want to drive to Austin with an empty trailer and return with a full one. 

Choosing just three highlights seems like mild blashpemy given the countless amazing establishments that are there but that could only be peeked in this time around.. Hopefully an Austin 2.0 post will not be too far away after another visit. In the meantime.. visit Austin.