We are pumped to do this thing all over again in 2012 and are excited to announce that we will be setting up shop in what will be the most unique environment in the city- Washington Park. If you havent already gushed over the details of the renovation that is currently underway, you should. This will be a state of the art urban park and will be the center of life in OTR. We are stoked to be there for the first summer after its complete makeover. 

Until it opens in July, we will be returning to the Gateway Quarter lot at 12th & Vine (where the holiday market was) surrounded by some amazing shops and restaurants for your air conditioned pleasure. 

We know its a little far off, but we are also excited to say that we will be back at The American Can Lofts in October and will be doing another holiday market in December. There also might some sweet flea action in November that we are itching to talk about but can't...

Long story short: The flea is on! We have been hearing left and right about new urban flea markets springing up across the country. We are glad that Cincinnati is ahead of the game and that this city is full of amazing vendors and people who want to shop in this setting! 

To apply to sell at one of the summer markets, CLICK HERE. There will be separate applications for the events after September. 

We can't wait for June and we hope you feel the same!