We generally have a policy to keep the blog posts concise but sometimes theres just too much to say... sorry. 

For some reason, it has been extra evident to us lately just how knee deep in renaissance Over the Rhine is right now. For years people have discussed an OTR Renaissance but it doesnt seem like anyone was ever sure if it was coming or going. It seems certain that currently it is doing neither... We're in it.

We had a delicious meal and equally unforgettable margaritas at the newly opened Bakerfield OTR last night. It was not surprising to see people spilling out of A Tavola, Abigail St, Senate, Lavomatic, Taste of Belgium, Lackman, MiCA 12/v, and Sloane Boutique. Every one of those establishments are producing a unique and high quality product and experience that you cant find elsewhere in the city. 

We also peeked into the 1215 Wine Bar & Coffee Lab which looks fantastic and is opening TODAY. 

A couple blocks east, there is a lot of action as well:

Earlier yesterday we had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview of Streetpops new storefront on Main Street and luckily a taste preview of a new flavor that literally blew our minds. They will be opening their doors in March so ready your taste buds. 

A bit south on Main, action is happening in the storefront at Orchard street where Sushi Bears' owner is opening a grab-and-go Arner-Asian food shop and co-op space. 

Drift down to the old Courtyard Cafe space and you will be greeted with the aroma of Josh Campbell's offerring of the day at the brand new location of Mayberry. This will be a great addition to Main Street. 

Across the street Japps has already felt the need to spread its wings and has taken on the role of injecting some dancing back onto Main Street via the Japps Annex which offers friday night dance parties that will make ya sweat til ya bleed. 

Elsewhere, mainstays like Park + Vine, Coffee Emporium, Atomic No 10, and Findlay Market in general seem to have more energy than ever. 

It has been great to see different types of businesses opening up as well. Smartfish Studio & Sustainable Supply is a great place to get art and craft supplies; On the Run Cleaners make staying fresh easy within walking distance for all the new OTR residents; and there's even a new Chiropractor, Gateway to Healing.

On Friday we had the pleasure of attending an open house at Saengerhalle at 14th and Race which is full of occupied commercial office space. We visited the office of Platte Architecture & Design, one of two architectural offices that have recently relocated to OTR from the suburbs.

Possibly the biggest news of whats to come in Over the Rhine is the renovation of Washington Park by 3CDC. Once completed, the neighborhood will be transformed- guaranteed. If you haven't already, please take a few minutes and read about the plans for the park- you will be amazed at how ambitious these improvements are. The city will have a new place to play this coming June! The amount of developement that is in the works surrounding Washington Park but isn't yet being openly discussed is awesome. There is a lot of action in anticipation of the World Choir Games which will inject thousands into the city. 

Jump to the other side of the neighborhood and you will find countless properties being invested in in anticipation of the Cincinnati Casino project. No matter your stance on the addition of a mega gambling hall to our city, the fact is that millions are being dumped into the Pendelton area of OTR in response to its construction. 

The fact that it has taken this long to mention that a brand new Streetcar Line is breaking ground next week must means that there is TON going on around here. 

Long story short- now is the time to buy that building shell, develop that business concept or secure a long term lease in Over the Rhine. We are in fact in the midst of a momentous Renaissance that has yet to reach it's apex.