Tis the season - Drink Up!

We enjoy the holiday's for lots of reasons, sure. One of them however is all the exscuses for hot alcohol.  These two specialities -Uncle Ed's holiday take on the White Russian and Mom's Spiked hot apple cider recipes are just two of our favorite family recipe's (and super simple to make.) Cheers!


1 1/2 ounces Vodka

3/4 ouce Kahlua

3/4 ounce EGG NOG

stir, pour into a fancy old vintage glass and enjoy (also note, you should be wearing a holiday sweater and be sitting by a fire) 


1 cup apple cider

bourbon (to taste)

Mulling Spices OR substitue with a few cinamon sticks and whole cloves

add ingredients in pot on stove. If you are using cinamon sticks and whole cloves make sure they are in either a tea caddy or cheesecloth.  Let simmer. Pour into your favorite mug, add as much bourbon as you'd like and sip. This drink also requires a holiday sweater. The recipe says so.