We spent a few awesome days in Los Angeles recently and enjoyed shifting thru the sprawling metropolis to find a few of its gems. A few spots pictured above that are definitely worth checking out:

The Hollywood Farmers Market - We didnt expect much more than a people dressed as dead celebrities looking for tips and cheap Nikes out of a market in Hollywood but this is actually an amazing farmers market offerring every piece of produce you could want as well as spices, fresh seafood, meats, breads, and everything else a good farmers market should have. 

Eggslut food truck outside of Handsome Coffee Roasters - Combine an outstanding food truck breakfast with some of the best coffee that has ever been introduced to our stomachs and whatta you get? Our Saturday morning. 

Griffith Observatory - Depending on where you hang out in LA, you may find yourself needing a break from traffic, superficiality, or both. (Neither are myths or exaggerations) Griffith Observatory is nice and quiet (especially on days when it is technically closed) and provides amazing views of most of the entire city. It also illustrates the amount of yellow smog that hovers over all of it. 

The Warehouse - A lovely space that appears to be a fresher Urban Outfitters where the items you buy are actually unique and one of a kind.

Walt Disney Concert Hall - Worth walking the perimeter for sure.  Whether you are a Frank Ghery fan or not you have to marvel at a building as "custom" as this one. 

ReForm School - City Flea lovers will love this Art, Craft, and Design Shop in Silverlake.

Other awesomeness not pictured: Mohawk General Store (Holy Amazing), Space 15 Twenty, Katsuya, Wacko Soap PlantShamshiri Grill, In-N-Out Burger (Animal Style) and the Pacific Ocean.