Shop Cincinnati Cincinnati!

Moments & Momentos necklaces. Photo by Kiwi Street
As you are gearing up for round 2 of The City Flea, dont forget to hit the ATM on the way & make a point of showing support to all the great vendors & surrounding businesses in the area- as if it's not already easy enough to splurge on the amazing things that they offer..

A cause that really makes you think is the 3/50 Project. Check out their website to learn about it, but the basic concept is to encourage people to think of 3 local businesses you would hate to lose & make a point of spending at least $50 a month between the three. The results are amazing.

So consider The City Flea one of your three businesses & show them vendors whats up tomorrow! And be sure to stroll around the neighborhood & check out the Summer Sale at all the businesses in the Gateway Quarter & on Main Street in OTR.

See everyone at 11! If it was too crowded for you last time early on, come later in the day, there will be much more breathing room!