25 The Musical

Last night we had the pleasure of seeing the opening performance of "25 The Musical" at Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati in the Gateway Quarter. It was a great introduction to Ensemble because this show is essentially a highlight real of the past 25 seasons that this intimate theater has produced. On top of the entertainment value and impressive talent of the local cast and crew, we were very excited by the passion for OTR that Ensemble exudes. Board president Stephen King made a short appearance before the show and made it obvious how invested and proud of The Gateway Quarter, Over-the-Rhine, and Cincinnati they are. When asked by King, what seemed like about 90% of the nearly two hundred person audience raised their hands to show that they had either had drinks or dinner in the area before the show- a statistic that King pointed out wasn't possible less than five years ago.  Ensemble Theatre is one of the businesses that are helping change the statistics and reputation of OTR and deserves everyones support. The bonus of showing them your support is that they put on amazing performances! Check out "25 The Musical" through the 22nd of May and be sure to see when else is on the calendar!