Flea the City I: Wicker Park, Chicago

Crazy big wind farm in the middle of Indiana..

"Flea The City" is a new feature on the blog, full of quick trips where inspiration has been found and captured. For this first installment, we are the tourists, but invite anyone else who has had an interesting experience somewhere to please send us a few photos and a few words to back them up. We will specifically be looking for content that may be of interest to the city-going, flea market shoppin folks out there. Thanks and happy travels.

This weekend we were treated to a very quick trip to Chicago. We have spent a good amount of time in Chicago in the past so we were fine skipping Michigan Avenue and the various dramatic observation decks the windy city has to offer. Instead we just spent our free time in the neighborhood of Wicker Park. It is full of great shops and places to eat which we managed to check out only a fraction of.

Renegade Handmade is a "bricks and mortar" retail store for the Renegade Craft Fair which is an amazing craft fair that focuses on DIY and indie-craft culture that started in Chicago in 2003. It has since expanded to  the "urban epicenters of creative indie-entrepreneurship" all over the country. The store was jammed with amazing stuff.
The wall of past Renegade Craft Fair posters.
Lenny & Me Home is a fantastic sister store to the original Lenny & Me vintage clothing store down the street.  Tons of great stuff without the musty smell and dust of a lot of stores that have this much for sale.
US #1 Vintage: If you are looking for leather, go here. 
Our greatest mistake of the trip was getting to Midland Arts & Antiques Market in Indianapolis just at closing time.  We spotted this interesting looking warehouse on the way to Chicago and decided we would check it out on the way home. We realized upon walking in the door that a) this was the same place a friend had just recommended we stop and b) it was awesome. Sadly we only made it about 20 feet through the front doors when we were told they were closed. I guess now we have a good reason to head back to the "Crossroads of America" soon.